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"That you may be perfectely united in mind and thought" (1 Cor.1: 10b)

www. is initiated by Hour of Power, an independent and non-profit organisation;

The mission of Inspirational Thoughts is:

  1. to offer and deliver you daily a personalised saying or thought of our heavenly Father, spoken in the Bible, and to offer His words to all who visit the world wide web;
  2. to create more awareness among you that His words are 'living' words

    and still actual today;
  3. to support you in a daily living by His spirit;
  4. to cluster and link all members into a world-wide community of friends in order to increase the impact of His words on today's society by a collective approach:
‘Inspirational Thoughts’ believes in the power and the impact that an united living by the Spirit (Gal. 5:16) and being the Light (Matthew 5:14) by ways of a collective sharing and focus on His thoughts and sayings will have upon our world.

Nothing in this world can even remotely compare to the joyous healing experience that is possible through the application of God's Love these thoughts and sayings will provide you.

In your own surroundings and neighbourhood, as well as across all nations, you share His love and words through communion. Together with thousands and thousands around the world.

If you share the same vision and want to support our mission, please become a member of our family and join our community (go to why participate or registration) and we ask you kindly to promote our web-site. Go to:
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Create your own community

How can you establish your own community?

As soon as you have subscribed to our daily e-mail service, you are very welcome to share our common vision and mission with your relatives and friends. By doing so you open the way for sharing the daily thoughts and sayings with others and have communion with each other at the same time.

The easiest way to make others aware of 'Inspirational Thoughts' is to put messages and/or documents at the end of all your e mail letters, for example:


I have found something that I like to share with you. Look at



'Looking for a comforting Word? Look at’



‘I like to introduce you to something that might be of interest to you. Look at what I found at:’

If you want to use our own introduction: Introduction to friends and relatives

Want to find out more ways to promote our common vision? Go to 'How to support www.Inspirationalthoughts'

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